Photo What daily habits should you take to stay Zen?

What daily habits should you take to stay Zen?

What daily habits should you take to stay Zen?

To keep yourself serene, it is necessary to develop some good habits and get rid of the bad ones. For example, it is common knowledge that to be healthy, it is essential to sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day.

Thus, if you are used to staying up too late at night, it is important to change your habit in order to be more relaxed. On the other hand, good habits need to be developed to promote well-being.

Our picks of 4 daily habits to stay Zen

Exercise every day

Exercising does not always consist of going to the gym and using any expensive equipment to exercise. It is not also mandatory to spend long hours every day to stay zen. You can stay serene by doing some exercises on a daily basis. For example, to reduce stress, walk around your neighborhood for 15 minutes after work. This could be done by getting off the bus one stop before your ultimate destination and walk the rest of your way.

If you have more free time, it is advisable to do some fitness exercises indoor after work while listening to some relaxing music. For example, to start with, jog on the spot; then, rotate your ankles and your wrists. Then, turn your neck left and right 8 times. After that, squat your legs and bend to the left and to the right eight times, will maintain your back straight, and your arms are lifted high.

The next step may consist of jumping jacks eight times, and then march on the spot to relax. Then, rotate your arms, do some shimmies and stretch your legs to finish. It is good to practice vigorously for 15 minutes.

Eat a balanced diet

A good, healthy diet impacts a lot on the physical being as well as on the spiritual advancement and state of mind. There is a saying which goes, when your belly is empty because of hunger, your soul is wandering anywhere, and you cannot focus on anything. To stay zen, here are some of the food components to eat every day: 

  • To gain energy, eat fresh vegetables and at least 2 types of fruit every day. It is necessary to have a bowl of fresh cucumber salad in vinegar sauce with tomatoes, for example. On the other day, it is advisable to have some carrot salad and lettuce leaves; and the next day, it is maybe a good idea to have a bowl of coleslaw to help your liver function better. 
  • To stay zen, get your complex carbs from beans, eggplants or peas, and avoid eating meat every day. If you do eat meat, it is advisable to eat lean beef instead of fatty meat, or lean chicken. 
  • It is important to reduce consumption of fatty meat, oily food and sweet food. Beside this, it is essential to drink enough water each day.

Start the day with a prayer and meditation

After you get up every day, it is relaxing to start the day with at least 15-30 minute meditation, depending on your level. Believers can pray to God, read some holy verses and meditate on those words. Another alternative is to choose some words of peace and meditate on those.

To induce mindfulness, it is advisable to select some holy verses at random. Then, engage yourself in self-reflection while thinking about the positive changes that the words will bring in your day. During the meditation, focus on the bright side and positivity and get rid of any negative thoughts or worries. Practicing this kind of meditation on a daily basis will ensure a great feeling of peace and promote happiness.

Prem Rawat, who is a peace promoter, said that inner peace starts with a type of meditation called Knowledge. He shares messages of peace to enhance serenity. The founder of The Prem Rawat Foundation believes in the power of doing goods for humanity to stay zen.

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