Photo The most beautiful songs about peace

The most beautiful songs about peace

The most beautiful songs about peace

Songs are efficient tools to empower people to look for peace, regardless of their age, whether elderly, youths or adults. For the ambassador of peace and human rights mediator Prem Rawat, it is essential for each individual to have peace within in order to be at peace with the others.

Some songs can be used as a tool to achieve serenity and mind tranquility that the peace mediator is talking about. In addition, some songs can really promote inner peace and global harmony. In this article, explore 3 beautiful songs which talks about serenity.

One Day by Matisyahu

"One day" is reggae and a rock song about the hope for peace in the world. The song starts with the belief in the power of prayers to put an end to the world sufferings. The artist believes that mankind has a special mission on this earth. He holds a strong belief in the prayers by pure-hearted people; besides, he believes in overcoming negative emotions through devotions. In other words, the artist inspires people to adopt an optimistic attitude to attain inner peace.

The message conveyed by the song implies that God is the only promoter of peace in the world. The song is spiritually empowering and uplifting as far as its message is concerned. It is also a call for people to sing optimistic songs of freedom while hoping that one day, the world will live in perfect harmony.

Keep Changing the World by Mikeschair

"Keep Changing the World" is a rock song of peace which starts with a description of the plights of homeless children who have become responsible for themselves. It encourages us to be kind to each other and to engage in the fights for the rights of the most deprived people.

To show our love for humanity, it is crucial to be generous and reach out for the lonely at heart, whose family is maybe inexistent. Homeless people suffer from starvation and have lost most of their rights so that they cannot be at peace. The song is a call for attention to love and care for those who are needy. It is a beautiful song of peace with touching lyrics.

You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

"You Raise Me Up" is a beautiful song which endorses inner peace and promotes hope to overcome troubles under the help of God. It starts with a brief introduction about the troublesome aspects of life. The Inspiring lyrics build positivity in depressed individuals; besides, the lyrics build inner strengths and beliefs to overcome any obstacles.

With melodious and peaceful music, the song leaves the listener with a feeling of confidence that we are not alone in our troubles. They can rely on the power of a Supreme Being. The metaphoric lyrics add beauty to the song. In brief, life is the most precious gift awarded to human kinds, as Prem Rawat said in his messages of peace for humanity; and songs can be instrumental of peace especially if you pay attention to their lyrics and melody of the songs you are listening to.

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